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A Legacy of Passion

With 50 years of experience, UKAL is the Livestock specialist.

Ukal distinguishes itself by providing focussed, customer devoted service, high quality products and expedient order delivery.

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Mentha35 Udder Lotion From Cai-Pan 400ml
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Trusti Tuber Starter Pack
  • CAD $66.95
    CAD $60.27
    10% discount
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Flexi Tuber Starter Pack
  • CAD $66.95
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Trusti Tuber For Lamb And Goat
  • CAD $24.95
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Reflector Quartz Red 250w / Unit
  • CAD $13.25
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Philips Heat Bulb 175w White
  • CAD $9.99
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Reflector Quartz Red 175w  / Unit
  • CAD $13.25
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Lamp Holder For Halogen Bulb
  • CAD $34.95
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